**The Maiden And The Lad With The Big Hair
And The Land That Nobody Wanted To Live In**
*written by Sheila*

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Part I

Once upon a time in a land where no-one really wanted to be lived a maiden whom was able to leave the land (that nobody wanted to live in) to a far off land of beauty.  Even though she loved the beauty of the land she felt it was time to come home to the land (that nobody wanted to live in) to be closer to her family. 

 While she was in the land of beauty a young lad had moved from a land of excitement to the land (that nobody wanted to live in).  He was sad and unhappy.  This land was dreary with lots of men and women whom would not bathe themselves and had many animals that did not smell so nice.  What a contrast from where he had come from a place with many markets, castles and carriages, music and fun!  But alas he made the best of the dreary land.  He made friends and his own music.

 So the lad and the maiden were both living in the land (that nobody wanted to live in) and making the best of it.   The maiden made a friend with another young maiden named Stella.  One day Stella asked the maiden to attend a festival with her.  Stella had a young lad that she had fallen in love with and wanted her friend to have a lad of her own so Stella made plans for them to meet at this festival so she explained that their would be a very handsome lad there to meet her and to not be frightened of his unusually tall head of hair. 

 Before the festival the maiden was congregating with others when she had noticed a lad not far from her whom she had never noticed there before and he had the biggest head of hair she had ever seen, but very very handsome, she thought to herself.  That must be the lad Stella was speaking of she thought to herself.  She so wanted to speak with him but shyly kept her distance.   The young lad came up to the maiden and asked if she would like to attend a noon meal with him and his acquaintances.  With a smile she kindly looked up and staring at his unusually big hair said no.

The day of the festival came.  What an exciting day it turned out to be.  The carriage came to pick up the young maiden and inside was Stella and her lad Samuel and the lad with the big hair.  They had nice conversation and joyously sang on their way to the festival.  It turned out to be a marvelous day.   Music, singing, and dancing.  Sadly the day came to an end and the carriages took everyone to their residences and how sad the maiden and the lad with the big hair were to depart from each other not knowing when they would ever see each other again.

Shortly after the Festival the young maiden was asked to leave the land (that nobody wanted to live in) and work in another far off land of beauty with mountains and oceans.  She left so quickly she was not able to explain to Stella or anyone where she had gone.  All the while the young lad was sad that he had not seen the maiden in a few months and wondered if he'd ever see her again.

The young maidens stay in the land of beauty was not as wonderful as she thought it would be.  She had always wanted to be in a place so beautiful all of her life so she was confused as to why she didn't feel happy.  One day while she was enjoying the beauty of the outdoors she couldn't stop thinking of  the lad with the big hair.  The maiden then decided that she would go back to the land (that nobody wanted to live in) and find the lad with the big hair.  She spent days in a carriage all the time thinking of the lad with the big hair and grew more and more excited the closer she got to the land (that nobody wanted to live in).

The maiden reached the land (that nobody wanted to live in), got out of her carriage and went into the village hoping to run into somebody that would know where the lad with the big hair lived.  To her surprise there he was!  She looked at him and he looked at her and a smile came upon each of their faces.  They spent the next entire day together speaking of their lives and laughing and enjoying each others company and that evening he walked her back to her estate and as the lad with the big hair  took the maidens hand to hold she had felt something she never knew, could this be love she thought and before he walked away they gazed into each others eyes longing for a kiss but to shy to lean forward the lad with the big hair kissed her on the hand and said till we see each other again and off he walked and with a smile they could not control they knew from that night on that he would be her husband and she his wife.

Their first kiss was one of passion and lasted them a life time and then they lived happily ever after.

The End!

To be continued.......