**The Maid And The Lad and
The Very Small Family**

*written by Sheila*

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Part II

 So the Maiden and the lad with the big hair continue on their journey.  The Lad so courageously asked the maiden for her hand in marriage.  The Lad came from a VERY large family, a family so large it covered half of the land on the continent.  He was worried that the maiden might be scared off due to the enormously big family he had come from.  She came from a very small family that of only 8 persons in all.  But this did not bother her for she had always wished for a bigger family.  She wanted lots of children. 

The wedding was so beautiful.  People from all over traveled to the land (that nobody wanted to live in) to attend the wedding.  The ceremony was the most beautiful ever performed in this dreary land.  Even though it rained as it did on most wedding ceremonies in this land it still was the most beautiful of all.  After the ceremonies they went to many different beautiful lands on their honeymoon.  Months later they returned to the land (that nobody wanted to live in).

 Their family started to grow starting after a year with their first child.  She was so beautiful a young girl with the biggest curls and head of hair ever to be seen on a young girl obviously inherited from her father’s side of the family.   Two years later they had their second and third child, a set of twins.  A boy and a young girl born so small they could fit in the palm of your hand.  No children in this land had ever been born so small that people from all over would travel many miles to come see them.  Three years later followed with their fourth baby.  A boy with the longest of all names given to any child  Corbeanobanbobanpartefianoparte.  Because of the unusualness of the children the maid and the lad’s families begged the young couple not to have anymore children for they were afraid of what would come next. 

 The young couple did not agree with their family for they wanted the biggest family ever born in the land.  The mother and mother-in-law of the young maid asked her to join them for tea one day.  Before the young maid came the two mothers poured a tablespoon of alcohol into the teacup of the maid.   They knew that if the maid had ever drank any alcohol that this would cause her to become barren.  

 For years the young couple tried to have more children but were unable.  Eventually the truth was told of the teacup.  They knew the family only wanted what was best for them and since they had the most beautiful of all children in the land they stayed content with their small little family.

 Oh how happy the maiden and the lad were to have such a wonderful small family.  They eventually moved out of the land (that nobody wanted to live in) to a land (where everybody wanted to live).  Their residence was so beautiful full of flowers and fruit trees and the biggest trees in all the land.


The End!

To be continued.......

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